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Vegetable Crops

Varieties :: Okra
DF Komal
  • Tall, vigorous hybrid with moderate YVMV tolerance
  • Attractive dark green fruits 12-14 cm long with very good fruit weight
  • First picking in 45-50 days with excellent & continuous bearing

DF Malini
  • Medium tall hybrid with high YVMV tolerance, very short internodal distance & super yields
  • Attractive dark green, slender, tender fruits 12-15 cm long with excellent keeping quality
  • First picking in 45-50 days; good for delayed picking suitable for kharif and rabi sowing

DF Maya
  • Popular research variety with strong stem, excellent vigor & moderate YVMV tolerance
  • Fruits are 10-12 cm long with 5-6 ridges & excellent fruit weight
  • First picking in 45 days with prolific bearing

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