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Science, Technology & Innovation

Accelerating Science — led Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Research & Development at DuFlora

The research thought process at DuFlora is driven by a crystal-clear understanding of parameters that our fellow farmers prioritize while making purchase decision –

  • Quality
  • Biotic & Abiotic stresses
  • Yield
  • Wide Adaptability

Our R&D team is focused on developing varieties that are superior in quality as well as resistant to both biotic and abiotic stresses with better yield than the existing offerings. Product development department at DuFlora tests the new varieties at different geographies following evaluation by marketing team as well before commercialization.

Research Infrastructure

Research and development is one of the foundational pillars on which DuFlora stands. The company, which puts the benefit of fellow farmers above everything else, has been actively and extensively involved in research for over three decades. And with every passing year, its R&D infrastructure has undergone a steady scale-up.

DuFlora has facilities such as state-of the-art laboratories , greenhouses, nethouses,  and cold storage. Research is done at 30 locations spread across geographies.